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The XCO®-V was originally designed exclusively for walking and running. The Reactive impact generated during Walking and Running generates a specific training stimulus that is proven to effectively increase strength, conditioning, flexibility, speed and coordination. This new, healthy and extremely effective workout is growing rapidly in popularity in fitness communities the world over.

XCO®-WALKING is suitable for anybody from senior citizens to overweight people to professional sportsman and fitness enthusiasts. The gentle yet highly effective training results in better health for the entire body and can result in increases in heart rate of 23 beats per minute. This includes the feet, lower and upper legs, buttocks, abs and back musculature while also improving cardiovascular fitness, body composition and posture. Walking with the XCO-TRAINER® is equivalent to adding another 2km per hour to your walking speed.

XCO®-RUNNING is a fusion of pure running combined with the implementation of a custom designed upper-body exercise program. The principle being that the XCO®s are incorporated into running so that the arms, shoulder and overall body core are challenged much more strongly. They are subjected to strong dynamic rotational forces which require more coordination with legs. This is results in improvements in lap times, stamina, running technique and posture.

The XCO-TRAINER® is a versatile, high-quality training challenge with different facets. The training tool can be applied to running exercise as well as to intensify dynamic sports specific exercises as well. This gives sportsmen twice the gain as their running technique, strength and speed are all enhanced whilst also reaping the benefits of reactive upper-body training. The preventative and rehabilitative benefits derived from XCO® training are also integral aspects of its holistic approach to total body movement training.

The XCO-TRAINER® is currently in use by top international teams in a number of sporting disciplines including Soccer, Rugby, American Football, Volleyball, Baseball and Basketball, Swimming and Skiing.

The XCO®, which was originally developed for walking and running, is a versatile training tool in the world of group fitness training. Reactive Impact training lends itself directly to group fitness. One of its benefits is the wide range of audiences and fitness levels it can effectively target. The acoustic feedback from the XCO-TRAINER® is extremely motivating in group fitness and ensures that the training session’s goals are being met.

The high ratio of dynamic-eccentric movements makes it possible achieve results fast with many positive effects to the body including:
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Strengthening of all relevant muscle groups
  • Stimulation of connective tissues
  • Improved intra and inter-muscular coordination
  • Improved joint flexibility

Whether exercising outdoors with your personal trainer or with your walking or running group, or indoors on a treadmill or in a fitness class, the XCO-TRAINER® will greatly benefit your workout.

The “3-in-1 Concept”

- XCO® SHAPE Workout
In indoor group fitness, the XCO®s can be implemented effectively on a highly customised basis, whether in XCO®–SHAPE classes which offer a unique, highly energised body sculpting class to cross training and cardio classes. These sessions are excellent for losing unwanted fat, increasing cardiovascular health and improving overall fitness and well-being.

- Indoor – Treadmill XCO ® WALKING and RUNNING
XCO® training can be performed whilst on a treadmill to introduce diversification into training programmes. This form of exercise reduces training times as the increased intensity means less time is required on the treadmill to achieve the desired results.

- Outdoor – Total Body Movement Training
Outdoor training with XCO® can take the form of personal training, group fitness and group XCO® WALKING and RUNNING. This involves combining walking and/or running with an interspersed selection of specialised exercises. Through this training, a gentle yet highly effective total body workout can be achieved in a short period of time.

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