Method of use

XCO arrow Method of use

Basic technique:
  • Diagonal steps, natural and fluid motions
  • Rhythm is vigorous and relaxed
  • Core muscles are activated by proactively tensing body
  • Upright, relaxed gait (shoulders low)
  • Grip on XCO®s should be loose and not cramped
  • Room for individuality
  • Intensity is determined by amplitude, frequency and the lever of the arm

Golden Rule: The REACTIVE IMPACT must always be perceptible!

Training Frequency
We recommend training with XCO-Trainer® 2-4 times per week. Keep initial training session to less than 20 minutes, especially during your first walking or running sessions. If using XCO-Trainer® for strength training, we recommend just 1-2 sets of 15-20 repetitions during your first workouts, slowly increasing both the number of sets and repetitions over time.

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