About Us

First Medical Company is a well-established, innovative and market responsive company that prides itself in bringing the most technologically advanced medical equipment into South Africa.

First Medical Company has acquired the sole distribution rights of FLEXI-SPORTS®. We are proud to introduce this high quality range of medically certified and recommended training tools and concepts into fitness, sports and wellness training in South Africa. FLEXI-SPORTS® SA has a highly trained team to provide on-going support for FLEXI-SPORTS® customers.

FLEXI-SPORTS® develops intelligent training tools and concepts for fitness, wellness, health and well-being. The company esteems itself as the embodiment for excellent and intelligent sporting and training equipment, tools and programming. FLEXI-SPORTS® are leaders in the field of dynamic 3-dimensional, total body movement training, wellness, and physiotherapeutic care. Their programmes have received the highest acclaims to credibility and innovation and are currently being used by many of the world’s top athlete’s and sports scientists alike in achieving their goals.

  • AGR Recommended and Certified Seal - Healthy Back Association
  • Professional Golfers Association of Germany
  • In 2003, awarded the 'Best Innovation' award at FIBO in Germany.
  • When FLEXI-BAR® was first offered on the European Home Shopping Channel, it became the fastest selling piece of fitness equipment in the channel's history.
  • Widely adopted by European Olympic Athletes and elite International Sporting Teams