Name: Neil Van Jaarsveld
Tel: 082 721 3936
Email: neil@charleysport.co.za

I'm Approachable, Transparent and Consistent... What makes me unique is that I'm always interested in new innovative and effective ways of training. Institute of Fitness Professionals: Diploma in Exercise Science & Personal Fitness Trainer
Name: Derryn Betts
Tel: 072 680 9340
Email: betts.derryn@gmail.com

Dynamic Aerobic Trainer and motivated Personal Trainer.
Name: Eric Friedenthal
Tel: 082 334 2821
Email: eric.friedenthal@iburst.co.za

Cardiovascular Fitness, Weight Management, Body Toning and Conditioning, Core Activation, Athletic Performance, Postural Correction, Lower Back Pain, Pre and Post Natal Exercise. Personal Training Diploma – ETA, Pre and Post Natal Exercise Certificate (Health and Fitness Professional Association), Spinning Instructor Certificate (Health and Fitness Professionals Association)
Name: Andrew Ramos
Tel: 071 284 8483
Email: ichansuramos@yahoo.com

Qualified at Health and Fitness Professionals Association

SPECIALIZES IN: Body conditioning, Muscle toning, Weight loss, Sport specific, Body-building, Functional exercises, Balance training, Group personal training and fitness training.
ABOUT MYSELF: "If u do what you've always done, you will get what you've always gotten.. It's time to make that change and live your dream."

Name: Tarryn Wilford
Tel: 079 351 5840 / 082 902 5221
Email: qbc@hyperlink.co.za
Email: www.qbconline.co.za

Performed professionally for 10 years locally and abroad.

Specialist Fields:
Pilates and Rehabilitation
Pilates for Children-ADD/ ADHD/ low muscle tone/co-ordination/structural development
Endurance training/Sports Specific Training (Border cricket and Border Rugby)
Pre and Post natal training
General strength and toning techniques
Foot & knee specific rehab & training

10 years teaching experience- including-
Paralysis rehab (long & short term), Parkinson's Disease & Lupus research/rehab, Eating disorders, Postural problems, Tennis players, dancers, surfing injuries (knees)
Name: Aubrey Tapiwa Ndisengei
Tel: 082 585 6669
Email: aubrey@tigerathletic.org

Flexi–Sports Athlete & Master Trainer
6th Dan Black Belt
Chief Instructor & Technical Director
Tiger Athletic Fitness & Conditioning

Group Fitness

Personal Training
Weight Loss, Functional Fitness, Sport Specific Fitness & Conditioning

Pelvic floor rehabilitation, disorders of the back & spine muscular pain & Tension

Core strength improvement, osteoporosis arthritis & osteoarthritis, muscular imbalance & stability training, paraplegics / wheelchair users
Name: Guy Fundi
Tel: 072 563 9435

Power Box instructor, fitness and cardio instructor, aqua aerobics, group training, body shaping, master trainer qualifications in VPR, kettle bell, TRX, flexi-bar, XCO, muscle gain and weight loss.

Kwa-Zulu Natal

Name: Shaun Keys
Tel: 078 367 8647
Email: shaun.keys@virginactive.co.za

I'm a highly energetic and driven trainer specialising in fat loss, boxing & functional training with the use of FLEXI-BAR™, XCO™, kettlebells and bodyweight training. Premier International UK (London) ExtremeKettlebells UK and PADBOX Instructor

Eastern Cape

Name: Mathew Palmer
Tel: 079 513 0715
Email: mpalmer@hypmail.co.za

Full Time Professional Swim Coach, Head of Harlequins Aquatic Club, Represented both South Africa and New Zealand in multiple disciplines including swimming, biathlon, waterpolo and Iron Man.

Western Cape

Name: Fred Tutu
Tel: 073 142 7768
Email: fred.tutu@virgin1on1.co.za

Competitive Athletes • Boxing • Stretching and Flexibility • Functional Training Personal Trainer - ETA
Name: Claire Brune
Tel: 072 755 8595
Email: claire@attunekinetics.co.za

Advanced Fitness Trainer, BSc HKE, Psychology, BSc (HONS) Human Kinetics and Ergonomics
Website: www.attunekinetics.co.za
Name: Kassongo Kabongo
Tel: 083 7344 388
Email: kass.pt@gmail.com

Elite Personal Trainer and Sports Conditioning Coach ETA Cape Town – Personal Training, AJAX Sport Conditioning, Gold/Bronze Speed Training with Gavin Benjafield, SA FITNESS CONVENTION 2006&2008, XFITNESS TRAINING
Name: Steven McKnight
Tel: 082 782 7464
Email: steve_pt@mobileemail.vodafonesa.co.za

Personal Trainer and Sports Conditioning Coach- WPCC
Name: Sherry Turner
Tel: 079 957 4282
Email: sherry@mobileemail.vodafonesa.co.za

Diploma in Fitness and Exercise Science
My skills: Nutrition, Group training and Sports-specific conditioning

About me: Sherry hosts a running group called Run With Me which is a great for beginners or advanced runners that would like to start running, walking or marathon training. Sherry also trains clients in the comfort of their own homes, coming to their houses and giving intensive workouts indoors and out, utilizing everything around her. She truly is a diverse trainer and loves using Flexi-Sports™ tools in her training.
Name: Jess O'Hanlon
Tel: 082 826 1830
Email: jessamy.ohanlon@virgin1on1.co.za

International Diploma in Personal Training - A.C.E • Diploma in Therapeutic Massage
My skills: Weight Management, Core Strength, Toning and Shaping, Sports Massage
Claim to fame: Knysna Half Marathon Winner in 1994, Western Province Springboard Diver


Name: Mike Heyns
Tel: 082 455 9966
Email: mike@supersportclubs.co.za

BA – MBW Degree, Reebok Personal Training, NASM – Nutrition/Sport Diploma Reebok Spinning Diploma, Apex – Nutrition/ Sport Diploma

SPECIALIZES IN: Body Conditioning & Weight Loss, Nutrition & Sport Specific Training – Athletes
ABOUT MYSELF: Very Goal orientated , but important to also have fun while achieving your goals. The hour you spent with me should be the best hour of your day....